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Nick S. Dessypris

Nick Dessypris about his coffee table  book “Colours of Sofia”:

Since I was a child, I believed that Sofia was a dark, grey, moody, ugly city. I also believed that it could even be dangerous, especially for foreigners. So I never thought of travelling to Sofia. On the contrary, when back in 2012 I had to visit Sofia for business reasons, I tried hard to postpone the journey.

Finally, in July 2021 I came to Sofia.

To my great surprise Sofia was a happy, colourful city with picturesque corners, amazing green parks and – above all – nice and kind people.

From the very first moment that I came to Sofia, I felt strongly connected either with the place or the people.

As I always carry my camera with me, I started taking pictures which I later posted on social media. It was that time when I realised that my friends from different parts of the world (Italy, Greece, England, Canada, Israel, etc.) had the same perception as I did: they all imagined Sofia being a moody, dark place. And as they were looking at my photos they were all commenting “Is this really Sofia?”

My trip to Sofia was planned for four days. But I stayed ten. And then after a short while I came back again and stayed for twenty days. And then I decided to permanently move to Sofia. So since 2012 I have permanently lived in Sofia, wondering why I didn’t come earlier.

And since 2012 I have been constantly taking pictures of Sofia. During all seasons, no matter the cold or the rain or the snow even, during my free time I keep walking in the streets of Sofia and shooting new corners and places.

From 2012 even, I had a dream: To publish a coffee table book one day to show the world how nice and colourful Sofia is. This coffee table book is the realisation of a long standing dream that finally came true.


Nick Dessypris is an experienced editorial photographer and creative director with a proven track record of success spanning over 30 years. Proficient in marketing strategies and advertising photography, with expertise in capturing compelling visuals for promotional campaigns, he is recognized for achieving international acclaim through multiple prestigious awards. Among them is the Silver prize for Tourism Promotion of Greece.
Possesses official authorization as a UAV pilot and flight instructor, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and safety in aerial photography operations.